The Fine Arts Museum situated in Western Kyrenia, in Paşa Bahçe street was built in 1938. It was opened for service by the Department of Antiquities and Museum in 1975. The items in the museum are displayed in 3 groups.  There are various style of oil paintings in the first group, some of which are original and some are simply copies. The second group is the most richest displayed in the museum. These works belonging to Far East, gives us some idea of the captivating elegance of the art. Decorated mother of pearl and ivory on a lacquered surface, silk materials decorated with colourful silk threads, handworks, pictures on material and paper, metal and porcelain works are some of the products which can be seen. European Porcelain works can be seen  in the third group, especially works such as, dinner  sets, jugs, glasses, vases and various lamps.