Kyrenia Icon Museum was opened on 11th June 1990 in the St. Archangelos Church which situated in the area of the old port. This Church was deserted in 1974 and it was not using. Then the church was restorated by the Department of Antiquities and Museums and was arranged as an Icon Museum. This church was built in 1860 and it has not any architectural value. Some of the exhibited icons in this museum were found in the church and some of them are selected examples of the other icons which are under the protection of the Department of Antiquities and Museums. The icons are pictures of Jesus Christ and various saints. Most icons date from the 1870-1890 period. In that period religious painters started to import gouache colours which were used in the late nineteenth Century up to present day. One of the oldest icon is dated 1714, to be seen on the screen in the centre of the hall.